Founded in 2007, Joule has evolved as an Operator of District Cooling plants offering services of Operations & Maintenance, Energy Audit, Commissioning Management and Cooling Tower Services.

10 years of operations from its head quarters in Dubai, Joule has now a new home we are proud to call Joule Kuwait.

Annual Electricity consumption in Kuwait has been more than 46.71 Billion Kw/h, owing 67% to the air conditioning requirements.

Most facilities in Kuwait are using rooftop DX units with air cooled condensers, which are not energy efficient neither environment friendly on the contrary to the huge air-conditioning needs in Kuwait where the Summer temperature soars over 50 0 C.

Joule Kuwait intends to spread the energy efficient culture in the growing trend of District Cooling Solutions, while assisting existing Facilities Owners in optimizing energy and hence save on soaring utility bills.



District Cooling Plant Operations and Maintenance

District Cooling Plant Operations and Maintenance

Testing & Commissioning Management

Testing & Commissioning Management

Technical and Commercial Audits

Technical and Commercial Audits

Design Review

Design Review

Cooling Tower Services

Cooling Tower Services

Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Why Us

Our People

Efficient Operations comes from Efficient People – This is why each of our employee is given the care and training making them an invaluable asset that delivers an outstanding service to our clients.


Standard Operating Procedures, Contingency Planning coupled with Scientific Maintenance Methodology ensures the kw/T of the District Cooling Plants remains better than the design criteria.


As a company that believes in steady yet sturdy growth, Joule attaches importance to each client as a sole client that ensures the full and undistributed attention to every individual client.

Value Addition

As an Energy Efficient DCP Operator, Joule brings along its vast knowledge of Energy Optimization, Testing & Commissioning and Maintenance Methodology through CMMS.


Joule is committed to providing an Environmentally Responsible, Compliant, Safe & Healthy workplace throughout its operations for all employees, guests, contractors and visitors.


Our CSR policy is to set new benchmark standard in District Cooling industry benefiting all its stakeholder through taking care of our People, Environment and Community.


Total Cooling Capacity Operated


Best kW/T

61,760 Hours

Total Safe Working Hours


Efficiency Improvement


Primary focus of CSR is caring for the environment, as a district cooling company we realize the importance of having an environmental friendly supplies to our everyday business.

Joule has initiated a “No plastic at work” campaign, which encourages employees to use biodegradable cups and bottles at work.

Every plastic material used in office for numerous purposes is encouraged to be recycled through our recycling policy which is quarterly donated to local recycling plastic collection plastic points.


Dr. Sorour Al Otaibi

Board Member

Dr. Asad Alebrahim

Board Member

Mohammed Khan

Director Operations

Gary Hicks

Director Business Development


There is an improvement in the plant performance with the cooling tower service done by Joule and it has definitely shed light on the importance of cooling tower performance, Thank you.

Paul Mathews – Technical Manager, Line Investments & Property

Yes, you have helped us resolve the 'Joule' Issue in our project with your expertise and your due diligent report is decisive, to the point. All I can say is that you have stood by your name " Joule District Cooling

Samer Kabbara – ICT

Joule District Cooling Company operating our plant for more than three years now, has optimized the performance of our District Cooling plant which has benefited us in terms or cost reductions.

Mr. Samir Kabbara – Nation Towers

Joule as a company comes with passion for District Cooling and a positive attitude to help their clients at all levels.

Mr .George Appleton – Al Futtaim

The guys at Joule, operating our plant have been great support and responded to our requirements and accommodated our requests without any reservations.

Butch- Le Meredien