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In today’s ready-made world, a Su Misura (bespoke) tailor offers an escape from mass produced garments and impersonal service. These days, pure craftsmanship is so rare that expertly tailored clothes have become one of the ultimate indulgences.At Elegante, we handcraft custom design from casual wear to formal suits.

At Elegante, we handcraft custom design from casual wear to formal suits. Our clients enjoy seeing their custom-made garments evolve from raw material to finished product over just a few fittings. Fine fabrics, knowledgeable design and first-rate customer service set us miles apart from ordinary clothiers.

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Superb tailoring, and impeccable customer service. Definitely one of the finest tailors in Dubai. Elegante operates under the watchful eye and knowledgeable hands of Jean Jacques. He's been trained by Cerruti, and it shows. He's as much at ease putting together a rather unstructured Italian-style jacket as he is in shaping formal business and wedding attire.

Hisham Wyne

Just took delivery of my first blazer. Great quality fabric, and the attention to detail in the finishing is impeccable. I've immediately ordered a 3-piece suit and another blazer.

Divij Chopra

Great product, great service, very professional!
Whenever back in Dubai I'll pass. Thanks Mansoor and Jean Jaques - you both are the best

Daniel Lehmann

Great tailoring and very professional team. Highly recommended.

Nabil Skayem

I have a great experience.. thanks

Walid Nasrawi

Great place, perfect jackets, excellent service.

Ruslan Karimov

The best bespoke tailor in UAE.

Osama Salman

The best bespoke tailor in UAE.

Ali Jasim

Loved their customer experience and selection of fabrics .It s the best bespoke tailor and designer for men in UAE.

Hatem Bamatraf

The best bespoke tailor in Dubai!

Nadeem Bakhsh

Great tailor and expert fabric advice

Mohamad Al-Dah

Excellent Tailor for Men with Good Taste!

Tamer Alaa